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Ghosts in the stairs update [Jul. 14th, 2006|06:19 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts


[Current Music |Laura Viers: Rapture]

The inspiration for creating this community was a ghost in the stairwell in my apartment building, River Manor. I saw an impossible reflection in the 4th story glass door while climbing. Impossible because when I reached the top and turned, there was no one on the stairwell where the reflection showed this person, ghost, spirit, hallucination, whatever, to be.

Two days ago lindsay_stone and I recreated the experience to see if there was any way I am crazy and there was a person on the stairs that just managed to get away before I reached the top and turned. There was absolutely no way it could have happened. So, in my mind, there are only two things it could be: Me, completely insane, or a ghost.

Yesterday, there was a woman standing outside of the building. River Manor used to be the Victoria General Hospital, and the apartment building across the street owned by the Nakiska Group, used to be the nurse's college. Anyways, she wanted to see what the building was now, because she was a nurse from Women's Surgery (the woman's floor) before it closed. Apparently, I live on the old OR floor, the ER was in the basement, blah, blah, blah, whatever.

We chatted for a while before I asked her if the place was haunted or not. Her first reply was that: "Honey, all hospitals are haunted!" But then she went on to say that while she had no direct experience herself, she'd "felt" people there before, and that some of her collegues had seen some things around the building. She didn't say anything about specific locations (which I kind of appreciate, since, well, I live here), but I thought it was kind of neat.

[User Picture]From: Chad Hicks
2013-10-12 04:45 am (UTC)
Hey same person from before just felt like makeing an account to post this so it actuly gets seen, i live in that same building on the 5th floor just wondering if any current or past resadents have wittnessed any other werid things
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