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Greetings!! [Jan. 18th, 2007|02:13 am]
Winnipeg Ghosts


Hi there, everybody, how goes it?
well I joined this community a while ago intending to post stuff in it, and then promptly forgot about it :-P any ways I am back and ready to discuss crazy goings on of a paranormal nature in winnipeg ( I dont like to use the word supernatural as I think it give such things the wrong feeling, discribing them as something un natural...we just dont know enough about it yet :-) )

for all those interested in chatting about the, I will say this....
I have seen ghosts ( or at th very least some sort of spirit)
I have heard them speak ( to me no less)
I have been physicly accosted by one
I have been saved from physical injury by another
and I have personaly documented evidence of thier existence

I also have may theorys on such occurances here in winnipeg, as well as other bizar things about this city, that can ( I am afired to say ) sound a lot like "crack pot conspiracy theories" without adaquit expleniation

so who wants to chat :-)

From: naughty_devil
2007-02-06 01:18 am (UTC)

Hey Hey!

I'll be the first to comment! Id actually be quite interested in hearing some of your stories, specifically the one talking to you!

I am very interested in the 'other world' and I'm pretty sure I have seen a ghost but I cannot say 100%.

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[User Picture]From: sandicas
2007-02-12 08:52 am (UTC)

Re: Hey Hey!

hey ho a comment weee!!! ...um sorry , just took awhile :-)

well lets see her with ghosts actually speaking to me
the most clear loud and audible one was when I was at my brothers place , and a few of us ( all guys ) were quickly choicking up on someting on his computer before we wnet out, and I hear a distnct feamal voice say "Here Walter" from behind me I was the only person who heard it, and there was no women in the house at all
the rest of the time when they are trying to speak to me ( spirtits at least maynot be ghosts per say ) it is always I am drifting in thought, and I can never really understand wha they are saying, as when ever I try and focus on it, I cant hear it any more...thgen there was one time ( part of a major incedent I will not elborate on at this exact time) i DID understand, untill it stopped then it became foggy

chances are if you think you have seen a ghost here in winnipeg then you have .... or some sort of spirit, just rememeber that there are Meny differat typse of manifestations, ranging from as blatent as a apparition, to "shadow beings" to orbs
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