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[Jul. 5th, 2006|03:18 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts


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Cool Idea for a community! Here is an old article that appeared in the winnipeg sun on halloween a few years ago. It mentions the apartment on 33 Hargrave. I used to live there on the 5th floor. I never encountered anything strange but I guess I wasn't on the right floor.


Ghost makes suites lively

There's something really spooky going on at 33 Hargrave
By Laurie Mustard

Do you believe in ghosts?
Neither did Tricia Dovbniak and Loretta Tetrault before they moved into a 20th floor suite at 33 Hargrave St.

They do now.

"Laurie," writes Trish, "Loretta was living in the apartment before I moved in (1996) and she told me a story of how most of her jewelry had slowly gone missing, then turned up one day in a neat pile beside the telephone. I laughed and dismissed the story.

"After moving in, I came home one day and heard someone I thought was Loretta blow-drying her hair in the bathroom. I spoke to her, stepped into the bathroom. where I was met by an incredible chill, and saw the blow-dryer running on it's own on the counter. I was so terrified, I ran out of the suite and didn't return till I knew she'd be there. I asked Loretta if the blow-dryer was on when she got home, and she said no.

"We all experienced chills, cold spots, in that suite, all the time. Even when home alone, you could feel the presence of someone else there.

"Loretta, while standing in the kitchen, would hear someone calling her name from elsewhere in the suite but, again, she was alone. The same happened with a friend of ours, Charlene.

"The kitchen seemed to be the focal point for most of the 'activity.' I experienced a powerful chill once when stepping into the kitchen to find the cupboard doors ajar, stuff spilled on to the countertop and our cat hiding under the sink. Not his usual hangout.

"A third girl moved in with us some time later. Within a week of her moving in, we found a picture of her we had hung in a hallway and another on her bedside stand, both shattered.

Mystery man

"While talking on a certain telephone extension in the suite, I would hear a man telling stories of drinking and fighting. However, neither the person I was talking to, nor anyone I would put on the phone to listen to the mystery man, could hear him. Just me."

Tricia told me of many other spooky experiences in the suite (including a very freaky Ouija board incident), none, perhaps, overly convincing to your average skeptic, till you combine them with a caretaker's confirmation of similar happenings as recently as last week. Robert lives in Suite 1911 at 33 Hargrave, which he moved into this past June. He says when he first moved in, cupboard doors would rattle for no reason, and he'd find his bathroom door open and the light on when he knew he'd left them just the opposite. There have been other things, too.

Just last week, he replaced a stretchy cover on his balcony air conditioner three times, only to find it later on the balcony floor. He says the wind couldn't take it off nor could it open the cupboard and pull out beer cans that he found blowing around the balcony floor.

Last year, Robert was called to a 21st-floor suite, where he was asked to check to see if the suite might have been burglarized. A railing/shelf of sorts had been taken off the top of the cupboards and placed lower down. A few vases had been moved to lower the railing, but there was nothing stolen, nothing else disturbed and no evidence that anyone had entered the suite. It's still a mystery.

Robert says he doesn't believe the ghost or ghosts constantly inhabit 33 Hargrave.

"I think they're the Hotel Fort Garry ghosts from (down) the street. They probably get bored and just come for a visit once in a while."

Tricia was happy to hear of similar disturbances in other suites.

"It makes me feel better that other people have experienced things, too. You begin to wonder if it's just you."

Well, whatever's going on at 33 Hargrave, it has independent sources reporting similar, spooky happenings on floors 19, 20 and 21.

Is it the supernatural? Building vibrations? Coincidence? GHOSTS??? What?