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Greetings!! [Jan. 18th, 2007|02:13 am]
Winnipeg Ghosts

Hi there, everybody, how goes it?
well I joined this community a while ago intending to post stuff in it, and then promptly forgot about it :-P any ways I am back and ready to discuss crazy goings on of a paranormal nature in winnipeg ( I dont like to use the word supernatural as I think it give such things the wrong feeling, discribing them as something un natural...we just dont know enough about it yet :-) )

for all those interested in chatting about the, I will say this....
I have seen ghosts ( or at th very least some sort of spirit)
I have heard them speak ( to me no less)
I have been physicly accosted by one
I have been saved from physical injury by another
and I have personaly documented evidence of thier existence

I also have may theorys on such occurances here in winnipeg, as well as other bizar things about this city, that can ( I am afired to say ) sound a lot like "crack pot conspiracy theories" without adaquit expleniation

so who wants to chat :-)
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(no subject) [Sep. 22nd, 2006|01:42 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

Derek Acorah from Most Haunted (?) is coming to Winnipeg!  This medium is known world wide and he's coming here in October.

I just got my tickets!!  Did you get yours?
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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2006|11:20 am]
Winnipeg Ghosts

I have a possible ghost in my house.  I'm curious to learn more about her.  

Does anyone know of a local medium that would come to my house and not charge an arm and a leg?  I'm also hoping for a reading of my spirit guides, etc.  Perhaps someone who does group readings to keep costs down low.  I have a ton of friends who are into this stuff as well.

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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2006|12:10 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts


Hrmm... was the ghost naughty last night?  What do you think:

I was heading to bed around 12:30am after working both jobs.  I was damn tired.  The cats were being super loud and just causing a general ruckus including a pretty big crash.  I didn't get out of bed because I wanted to sleep.  I yelled at them.  Then the sounds pretty much stopped.  I decided I should go check it out.  What did I see?

A laundry basket sitting in front of my office door.   Ok, that's weird.  I left it by the kitchen entrance.  The dogs were in bed with me and the cats probably couldn't move it that far.  I lift it up and Fudge is underneath it.  She just walks away.  Ok, how the hell did the basket move that far AND flip on top of a cat?  It's a normal sized basket.  The cats like to jump in it but they've never tried to move it before.  They would of had to get it through a doorway and a hall way.  Hrmm..

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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2006|08:18 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

I remember a few people asking about Winnipeg Ghost Tours.  Just found the website:


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Calling all Wrestling Fans! [Jul. 26th, 2006|10:14 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

Hey Everybody.

If you Like Pro-Wrestling, then come down to The Lid Night Club, on Pembina Hwy. where every thursday Night you can see Pro-Wrestling Action Brought to you by PCW ( Premier Championship Wrestling )

Tickets are $5 @ the door... the show starts around 9:30pm

PS.... I AM interested in this commouinties topic...so dont think all I am doing is advertising :-)
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(no subject) [Jul. 17th, 2006|05:33 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

It's not a story, but I do have a question for all you fellow ghost-lovers out there.

My mom is coming in town on Saturday and I'd like to bring her on a ghost tour of the city. Can anyone tell me who I should get in touch with? Any good or bad experiences with certain tours?

Thanks everyone :)
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Ghosts in the stairs update [Jul. 14th, 2006|06:19 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

[Current Music |Laura Viers: Rapture]

The inspiration for creating this community was a ghost in the stairwell in my apartment building, River Manor. I saw an impossible reflection in the 4th story glass door while climbing. Impossible because when I reached the top and turned, there was no one on the stairwell where the reflection showed this person, ghost, spirit, hallucination, whatever, to be.

Two days ago lindsay_stone and I recreated the experience to see if there was any way I am crazy and there was a person on the stairs that just managed to get away before I reached the top and turned. There was absolutely no way it could have happened. So, in my mind, there are only two things it could be: Me, completely insane, or a ghost.

Yesterday, there was a woman standing outside of the building. River Manor used to be the Victoria General Hospital, and the apartment building across the street owned by the Nakiska Group, used to be the nurse's college. Anyways, she wanted to see what the building was now, because she was a nurse from Women's Surgery (the woman's floor) before it closed. Apparently, I live on the old OR floor, the ER was in the basement, blah, blah, blah, whatever.

We chatted for a while before I asked her if the place was haunted or not. Her first reply was that: "Honey, all hospitals are haunted!" But then she went on to say that while she had no direct experience herself, she'd "felt" people there before, and that some of her collegues had seen some things around the building. She didn't say anything about specific locations (which I kind of appreciate, since, well, I live here), but I thought it was kind of neat.
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2 Stories to share! [Jul. 10th, 2006|08:20 am]
Winnipeg Ghosts
[Current Mood |contentcontent]


Well I have two stories I'll share this morning.

The first one is pertaining to a side by side on Taylor Ave that I lived in for a couple years when I was younger. My mom had always thought something was unique about the place and it was proven more than a couple times. This is the occurance I remember the most. One night in fall it got REALLY warm in the place, my mom went and looked at the thermostat only to see it somehow turned way up. There was only my mom, my step dad and I in the place. She turned it back down. About 20 minutes later everyone was sweating up a storm again, we were down to bathing suits and whatever we could find that was cool. She looked and again it was up high. She turned it down once more and called for a repairman. I of course couldnt go to sleep in the heat so I started playing in my bedroom. My mom decided to sit in the kitchen where the thermostat was just around the corner. She saw something go by the kicthen in to the livingroom. Not too long after it got bloody hot again. She looked in the livingroom and saw I wasn't there and confirmed it by checking my bedroom where I was still playing. She left it on till the repairman came.

He looked at it and couldn't find anything wrong with the thermostat or heating system. So he turned it down and had some coffee with my mom to see if it would happen again. They sat in the kitchen and he witnessed the exact same thing. Let's just say I don't think he was expecting that because he told my mom there was nothing he could do and left.

I would love to go back to that place again and see if it's still got some uniqueness to it.

My most recent encounter was at St. Andrews Church, I fully believe that place has paranormal activity. My husband and I were driving down River Rd after taking some pictures out near lockport. I noticed the church was open as was the historical site across the way. I had never seen inside the church so we stopped. I brought my digital camera in with us. We first went to the historical site and I had taken some pictures with no issue. On our way over to the Church I snapped some shots from the outside, then went inside. In between the shots I took outside, going inside and coming out again something happenned to my camera. I would turn it on and the display on the back would flicker, would do a mirror image of what was being seen through the lens. It was still on warrenty so we brought it back and the gentleman there said he had never seen anything like it, he actually wanted to take it cause he thought it was cool. We got a new one and haven't had any other problems with it. To this day my we think it has something to do withthat Church. Could be coincendence but I don't think so.

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A Few Tales... [Jul. 9th, 2006|03:17 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |Would? - Alice in Chains]

I just found this community today and am fascinated by what I have been reading thus far. I thought I would post a few stories of my own.

St. Andrews Church: When I was younger, my father would tell me a ghost story involving he and his friends visiting St. Andrews Church in the 1960s. They were there out of curiousity...having heard of all the ghost tales that we are familiar with today. They arrived around midnight and in those days, the Church was not locked afterhours. They went in and were probably joking with each other, as teenage boys are wont to do. There are two staircases (left & right) just past the entrance which they heard someone coming down shortly after entering. In a state of panic, they tried to dash out of the place and were met by a "white haze". When they arrived at the car in the parking lot, all of the tires were slashed.

My father first told me this tale when I was about 7 or 8. Years later, as a teen, he told it to me again word-for-word. If it were just a story/joke, I doubt my father would be able to remember all of the details. Even if asked today, he stands by the tale (apparently, so do his five friends that were there that night). Also, to know my father is to know someone who doesn't believe in or follow paranormal activity too much. He tries to rationalize what happened, but even he tends to think there was something supernatural going on.

Downtown Apartment: A former co-worker told me their local encounter a few years back, which happened at a downtown-area apartment (can't recall exactly where, I would have to ask them again. I know it was near the river). He lived at this place for a few months and noticed how his pet cat was often "skittish", dashing across the room at times and hiding under furniture. Then one night when he was lying in bed, his cat darted in the room and hid under the bed. Awakened, he looked up and before him in the doorway was a woman in a wedding dress. Startled, he blinked and she was gone.

This encounter happened a few more times. When my friend finally had enough, he asked the building manager if she ever noticed some "strange things" happening around the apartment. The building manager responded with "you've seen her, haven't you?". Apparently, the lady in the wedding dress has been haunting this particular apartment block for years and every tenant was familiar with her.

LaBarriere Park: Last summer I took my dog for a walk around LaBarriere Park at around Noon. There were no cars in the parking lot, I was alone. Feeling confident I could let my dog run free without worrying about him bothering anyone, I reached down to unhook the leash. As I did so, I heard what sounded like two girls talking. I stopped and looked around - I couldn't see anyone, but there is a large forest so perhaps they were in there, I thought. I walked alongside the forest for a few feet when suddenly I heard branches snap. The sound was coming from all sides. I was quite startled and peered into the forest, looking up, down, right, left, etc. There was nothing there, not even a small squirrel dashing about. My dog took on an air of alertness and started to growl.

I was a little unnerved, so I decided I would walk into the large field adjacent to the forest so that I could see everything around me. We got about half-way through the field when my dog suddenly turned around and started growling/barking like he was on the attack. I have never seen my dog in that state before. He sensed something. At this point, I was really afraid and made a beeline back to my car. I was scared to go back to LaBarriere Park for quite sometime and only recently have I ventured back there (there has been nothing strange to report since). I know the area has had it's share of murders/suicides and I always feel that hanging in the air.
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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2006|06:13 am]
Winnipeg Ghosts

I used to live in an older house in Crescentwood. We always suspected that there was some kind of activity in the house, it had burned down in the '70s, and even though no one died in the house, the owner passed away in the hospital to fire-related causes (smoke inhalation).

After we'd been living in the house, door started opening for my mother and I, whenever our arms were full. Sometimes the door was latched, sometimes it was only partly closed, but whenever our arms were full, the inside doors in the house would swing open for us.

This never happened to my brother or dad, or any female guest, although it was witnessed by several different people outside of the family.

I have more stories about that house, but I'll save them for another time. Have a good weekend, and enjoy folk fest if you're going! Maybe I'll see you there.
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2006|07:23 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

oooh there's some neat stuff here too.

the one about the st. andrews cemetary made my tummy feel all weird.
(you just have to scroll down to find stuff about manitoba)
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Rm 202 [Jul. 5th, 2006|07:09 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

So I was recently staying at the Hotel Fort Garry on my wedding night. We stayed on the 4th floor, but the next day at the spa I kept asking questions about the ghosts there...the guy doing my treatment said that in rm 202 there was a newlywed couple (this was a LONG time ago, not sure when, anyone have the deets??) staying the night. He went out to get cigs or something, and was murdered on his way back. She committed suicide upon hearing of his death.
Now she hangs around rm 202.

Any other stories specific to Fort Garry?? I would LOVE to rent rm 202 with a few people and stay there...not to sleep of course!!
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Boo! ;) [Jul. 5th, 2006|07:07 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

[Current Music |Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair]

I just wanted to say hello and I too can see ghosts, it runs in the family. All the females (most of them) on my mothers maternal side are all "Seeers". I've seen quite a few since I was a kid, the one most freaky one (but honestly not scary) was when a mad was standing at the side of my bed looking scared with his face shot off from a shotgun. That didn't freak me out one bit. He was kind of inviting, the feeling I got from him.

I've also seen an old lady in olden dress in my room; passed on family members, my passed on dog I had years ago and some ghosts too.

I am a medium as well.. yes like the tv show, but not really like that. I'm in the beginning stages. I can't see the future like some can, but I can see and communicate with the dead. It's kind of interesting.

And for those who really believe in heaven... it's not like they teach you in church. It is a much more beautiful place as described by my family members. It's like the world we live in, but in a different level. Know what I mean? I mean there's us living and then there's the dead and they go about their business like we do, but there's no diseases, no war, no famine. I cried when my dead grandma explained it to me in a dream (that is how I communicate with the dead most of the time- and they don't talk talk... it's like a telepathy kinda of deal).

You can call me crazy or a kook, but I don't care. I think ghosts are neat and that my "gift" is neat, but it can be scary and traumatic at the same time. It's like Patricia Arquette said on the tv show "you don't get a manual with this and if there is one, I was OBVIOUSLY skipped over!"
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Fort Garry Hotel [Jul. 5th, 2006|05:49 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

[Current Mood |uncomfortableuncomfortable]

I was at the fort garry one time, just wandering around with some friends. (we don't have much to do on weekends, we don't even stay at the fort garry). We were speedwalking down hallways and as we turned a corner, I almost bumped into a dark-haired man, who scared the crap out of me. I'm kind of jumpy, so I had let out a loud screech at this time, he didn't react to it at all. After some more wandering on that floor, we ended up in the elevator with him. I asked him if he knew what floor the bathrooms were on (there are some in a hallway, but we couldn't remember which floor), and he just ignored me and stared at the door. All my friends and I looked at each other, because I obviously spoke loud enough for him to hear me. It was really quite spooky, but there's no way I can know for sure if that was really anything obviously, except from the creepy vibe we all felt initially from him.
Has anyone else ever been in those hallway bathrooms? I find them to be the most spookiest things ever, with the dim lights and dark mirrors.
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2006|04:16 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts


Apparently Winnipeg is the ghost capital of the world.

Who knew?
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2006|03:18 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

[Current Music |down with p]

Cool Idea for a community! Here is an old article that appeared in the winnipeg sun on halloween a few years ago. It mentions the apartment on 33 Hargrave. I used to live there on the 5th floor. I never encountered anything strange but I guess I wasn't on the right floor.


Ghost makes suites lively

There's something really spooky going on at 33 Hargrave
By Laurie Mustard

Do you believe in ghosts?
Neither did Tricia Dovbniak and Loretta Tetrault before they moved into a 20th floor suite at 33 Hargrave St.

They do now.

"Laurie," writes Trish, "Loretta was living in the apartment before I moved in (1996) and she told me a story of how most of her jewelry had slowly gone missing, then turned up one day in a neat pile beside the telephone. I laughed and dismissed the story.

"After moving in, I came home one day and heard someone I thought was Loretta blow-drying her hair in the bathroom. I spoke to her, stepped into the bathroom. where I was met by an incredible chill, and saw the blow-dryer running on it's own on the counter. I was so terrified, I ran out of the suite and didn't return till I knew she'd be there. I asked Loretta if the blow-dryer was on when she got home, and she said no.

"We all experienced chills, cold spots, in that suite, all the time. Even when home alone, you could feel the presence of someone else there.

"Loretta, while standing in the kitchen, would hear someone calling her name from elsewhere in the suite but, again, she was alone. The same happened with a friend of ours, Charlene.

"The kitchen seemed to be the focal point for most of the 'activity.' I experienced a powerful chill once when stepping into the kitchen to find the cupboard doors ajar, stuff spilled on to the countertop and our cat hiding under the sink. Not his usual hangout.

"A third girl moved in with us some time later. Within a week of her moving in, we found a picture of her we had hung in a hallway and another on her bedside stand, both shattered.

Mystery man

"While talking on a certain telephone extension in the suite, I would hear a man telling stories of drinking and fighting. However, neither the person I was talking to, nor anyone I would put on the phone to listen to the mystery man, could hear him. Just me."

Tricia told me of many other spooky experiences in the suite (including a very freaky Ouija board incident), none, perhaps, overly convincing to your average skeptic, till you combine them with a caretaker's confirmation of similar happenings as recently as last week. Robert lives in Suite 1911 at 33 Hargrave, which he moved into this past June. He says when he first moved in, cupboard doors would rattle for no reason, and he'd find his bathroom door open and the light on when he knew he'd left them just the opposite. There have been other things, too.

Just last week, he replaced a stretchy cover on his balcony air conditioner three times, only to find it later on the balcony floor. He says the wind couldn't take it off nor could it open the cupboard and pull out beer cans that he found blowing around the balcony floor.

Last year, Robert was called to a 21st-floor suite, where he was asked to check to see if the suite might have been burglarized. A railing/shelf of sorts had been taken off the top of the cupboards and placed lower down. A few vases had been moved to lower the railing, but there was nothing stolen, nothing else disturbed and no evidence that anyone had entered the suite. It's still a mystery.

Robert says he doesn't believe the ghost or ghosts constantly inhabit 33 Hargrave.

"I think they're the Hotel Fort Garry ghosts from (down) the street. They probably get bored and just come for a visit once in a while."

Tricia was happy to hear of similar disturbances in other suites.

"It makes me feel better that other people have experienced things, too. You begin to wonder if it's just you."

Well, whatever's going on at 33 Hargrave, it has independent sources reporting similar, spooky happenings on floors 19, 20 and 21.

Is it the supernatural? Building vibrations? Coincidence? GHOSTS??? What?
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2006|02:16 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

I worked at Espresso Junction at the forks. The little coffee shop in Johnson's Terminanal overlooking the skating rink.
I am convinced that the downstairs of that building is haunted. I would have to go down at night after everything had closed to get the drinks and i could just feel it. There is also an antique store and they keep the old style music playing all night.

If you want to get creeped out, down there, after dark is definitely a place to go.
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2006|01:48 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

I believe in ghosts.  They are real.  I have heard many stories of local things happening.  Most of them take place in apartments down in Osbourne.  Things moving, etc.  A few of the stories I've heard are here.

I just bought a house in East Kildonan/Elmwood.  One of my friends says she can see ghosts and feel spirits.  While we were painting my bathroom I asked her if she felt anything.  Sure enough she did.. IN the bathroom.  There was an older lady energy in there earlier and it gave her the shivers.  It wasn't a strong force by any means and said it was nothing to worry about.  She's since come again and not felt anything.  I don't feel anything and generally if something is super strong I think I can.  So that's good.  Don't want to share my house.  Apparently, there is a ghost cat in my backyard as well.  Guess we'll see if my animals play with it.

I believe I shared my apartment with an old perverted man.  Most times while I was in the shower I got the feeling that man in a trench coat was watching me.  I ONLY got the feeling while in the shower and only at that apartment.  My brother is living there now so I could bring that friend there to see what she has to say.  Perhaps he's gone now as I'm sure I'm better to look at than my brother. :P

I wish I had more personal experiences to share but alas I do not.  I've heard tons of stories and simpy love hearing about them.  I hope to see something that is a little more 'out there' but you can't really know until it happens.  Sure I see things out of the corner of my eye.. sometimes even know things slightly before they happen.  But I wish I could see more.
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2006|01:40 pm]
Winnipeg Ghosts

I'm going to make a few smaller posts instead of one large one as there are a few different things I'd like to share. :)

Last October I went on a 'Ghost Hunt' with a Winnipeg Tour.  You pay $40 and you get to ride on a tour bus.  You stop at about 12 different locations.  Fort Gary Hotel, a few grave yards, some prison, etc.

It was a cold night but my three friends and I had fun.  Two of us took cameras and we took over 100 pictures and possibly got some 'orbs'.   We didn't really see or feel anything while there but looking at the pictures later was neat.

I wouldn't mind doing that tour with less than 40 people though.  We heard the history of all the places and it was rather interesting.

I would recommend anyone going on that tour if it comes around again.

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